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Colleen Drippe'
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Favorite Links
Little Blue House
Christmas at the Little Blue House
Growing With the Little Blue House
Mystery at Miner's Creek
The Desert Father Mystery

Here's a good site if your children love gardening.

If you are interested in science fiction, you might like to meet the human dynamo, Karina Fabian, editor of two anthologies, LEAPS OF FAITH and INFINITE SPACE, INFINITE GOD.

Website of Karina L Fabian

INFINITE SPACE, INFINITE GOD is an anthology of Catholic oriented science fiction. Two of my own stories are in there. This is NOT a children's book.

Here is a link to Little Flowers, family publishers and distributors of all sorts of things you'll want for your children.

Little Flowers

I am the editor of HEREDITAS MAGAZINE, a Catholic literary magazine sponsored by Regina Coeli Online Academy.

Hereditas Magazine

Check out Regina Coeli Online Academy