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Third in the Little Blue House Series

GROWING WITH THE LITTLE BLUE HOUSE, third in the series, is due out at the end of this year or early next, from Little Flowers Family Publishers.
I didn't know I was going to write any more Little Blue House books, but writers never know these things any more than mothers know whether they are going to have any more children. So here's the baby, waiting its turn in the publishing queue.

GROWING WITH THE LITTLE BLUE HOUSE is a summer book and begins, as you might expect, in a garden. Mama's garden. Everyone who can work has a job and everyone else is happily underfoot. It is very hot. No one who hasn't lived in Alabama can appreciate what a thorough summer it is. And no one who has never lived without air conditioning can really feel that damp heat pushing its way into the house, while the garden grows exuberantly outside.
But the garden is not the only thing growing. The children are getting bigger and the twins are almost ready to crawl. Daddy has decided to add onto the house -- and about time, too! And some new neighbors move nearby -- a family who have just left the city and decided to homeschool their children.
There are adjustments for everyone and plenty of adventures too.
I'll keep you posted as this book comes nearer to publication. Sorry, there's no cover to post yet, but I'm told a new artist is going to undertake the illustrations later this year.