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Christmas at the Little Blue House
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The Saga Continues

CHRISTMAS AT THE LITTLE BLUE HOUSE is the second book in the Little Blue House series. It was written not too long after the first one and originally scheduled to be published by the same publisher. Then Angelus Press
decided to cease producing children's books and the manuscript was temporarily without a home.

It stayed homeless for a while as I became busier and busier and we moved to a new location. Before I knew it I was working for a school and then teaching first grade girls. Having graduated the older children from Our Lady of Victory school, the youngest became a high school student, facing real classrooms for the first time since she dropped out of public school after the first grade. There were adjustments for all of us -- and the manuscript sat in my files.

Finally someone put me in touch with Little Flowers Family Publishers and -- voila. We matched up pretty well. The book was scheduled to come out, delayed by the publisher having a baby (lots of Catholic things get delayed this way) and finally saw the light in 2005. It had been a long wait.

Now CHRISTMAS AT THE LITTLE BLUE HOUSE (illustrated by Katie Roll) is available from Little Flowers Family Apostolates. It is also in some traditional Catholic bookstores and catalogues.


CHRISTMAS AT THE LITTLE BLUE HOUSE takes up the tale in the autumn of the same year. The children are out gleaning sweet potatoes (and yes I've done this myself)on a lovely November day. From November, we come into Advent and many of the customs that go with this season. If you haven't started making Advent calendars of your own or a homemade Advent wreath, this book will tell you how. Only problem we ran into was that holly doesn't grow here in the midwest. We miss it.

While this book, like the first one, is mostly a gentle chronicle of family life, problems arise and need to be solved. They are the sort of problems most of us enjoy, however. Mama is going to have twins.

The babies are very welcome indeed, but when Mama is told she must stay off her feet, the household undergoes some rapid changes. So does the homeschool program. Natually all comes out well with a happy Christmas.

One chapter was especially directed at a real problem we faced. I refer to Daddy's shopping trip. He was confronted -- as we all are -- with the tabloid display near the check out stand. And he did something about it. So did I, when my children were growing up, but I was only one person and nothing happened. I complained to the store and I sent my children to the front to wait for me while the groceries were checked out. And I searched for alternative ways to get the things we needed. I hope at least some of my readers will take even more initiative. What is the point of keeping out the television and other sources of filth when these things are thrust in your children's faces every time you buy groceries? So you might say I included some propaganda here -- and I hope readers will do something to protect their children.

Here is a link to read more about the book and how to order it:

Link to Christmas at the Little Blue House